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If you are wanting to work offline, here are the books listed together on Amazon in their levels.

Math Level Placement Guide

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Do you want a workbook instead of having to print out a year’s worth of worksheets?

You want EP Math Printables.

Math 1     Math 2     Math 3    Math 4

Do you want to work offline?

You want BOTH the EP Math Workbook and the EP Math Parent’s Guide. It’s not the complete course to only use the workbook. There are extra activities in the parent guide as well as the complete answer key. (This contains all course printables.)

Add one to your cart and then just come back to the EP Store and click on the next one. Want all your courses offline? Maybe a bundle would make it easy.

Math 1 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Math 2 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Math 3 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Math 4 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Math 5/6 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Math 6/7 Workbook / Parent’s Guide

       Pre-Algebra Workbook / Parent’s Guide

Do you want a worksheet a day even though you are using the online course?

You want EP Math Workbook. (This contains all course printables and much more.)

Math 1          Answers 1

Math 2          Answers 2

Math 3          Answers 3

Math 4          Answers 4

       Math 5/6       Answers 5/6

Math 6/7       Answers 6/7

Pre-Algebra      Answers Pre-Algebra

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The workbook is done by day number. The Printables book replaces everything you would need to print out when using the online course. This includes the answer key to all of the included pages. Just $4.99!  Use the pictures or the links above to order. All printables are included in the full-year workbook.

See Inside Math 1 Printables

See Inside Math 2 Printables

See Inside Math 3 Printables

See Inside Math 4 Printables




printables cover


The workbook for math 1-4 has 180+ pages of math activities. There is a page to complete each day along with extra pages they will use for math facts practice on some days. Just $8.99 for a full year’s work. Math 5/6 is set up differently. It contains categories of lessons and extra practice pages. It is still the entire course in offline format. Math 6/7 and Pre-Algebra are back to 180+ pages of math activities. Use the pictures or the links above to order.

Sample Math 1 Workbook

Sample Math 2 Workbook

Sample Math 3 Workbook

Sample Math 4 Workbook

Sample Math 5/6 Workbook

Sample Math 6/7 Workbook

Sample Pre-Algebra Workbook

workbook cover small



math 4 workbook cover






Parent’s Guide

These books are to be used with the EP Math Workbooks. This step-by-step, day-by-day guide will talk you through each lesson and how to introduce new concepts to your child. This book also includes objectives for each day, materials marked where needed, directions for what to do each day, and the complete answer key. The workbook and parent’s guide together are a complete math course.

Sample Math 1 Parent’s Guide

Sample Math 2 Parent’s Guide

Sample Math 3 Parent’s Guide

Sample Math 4 Parent’s Guide

Sample Math 5/6 Parent’s Guide

Sample Math 6/7 Parent’s Guide

Sample Pre-Algebra Parent’s Guide

parent guide cover small

EP Math 2 Parent's Guide








A little note: The workbooks were made by our friends at PuzzleFast. They will get the proceeds from the workbooks. The math workbooks are beautifully made.

(old version answers for Step 1)