Preschool and Kindergarten Books


This book contains all the worksheets you need to complete the ONLINE EP Preschool course. You can either print them yourself or buy them in book form.

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This book is a complete OFFLINE EP Preschool course with worksheets, lessons, instructions, and more.

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DO NOT buy both the Preschool Printables book and the Preschool Workbook.

(The color version may not be available in some countries.)

McGuffey Primer

There aren’t any Printables books or Workbooks for this course. The online course has daily sight word and math lessons. If you want the daily sight word lessons in book form, you can get the Learn To Read With EP book.

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This is the offline version of the McGuffey Primer and kindergarten reading. This is only the reading portion of those courses.

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App is Available!


The EP McGuffey Primer App

iOS app now available at the Apple Store

Android is available in the Google Play Store

It has each lesson’s sight words and stories all together in one place for practice on the go (offline).




Getting Ready 2 has recently been renamed Kindergarten. This is all the Kindergarten handwriting block sheets and copywork from the course.

Click the cover image to buy. Print the 180-page pdf.

If you want the daily reading lessons in book form, get the Learn To Read With EP book.

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Kindergarten is not available as a complete, offline book. Even with these two books, you will still need to go online each day for the math and crafts and other activities.

Learn to Read with EP

If your older student needs the reading lessons without the other preschool and kindergarten activities, look at Learn to Read with EP book.

Learn to Read with EP   Buy

This is the offline version of the McGuffey Primer and kindergarten reading. This is only the reading portion of those courses. For complete, offline courses, see below.

GC Steps

The GC “Steps” are from Lee’s offline curriculum. Use this link to learn more and to see videos of the insides of these books. These are based on Preschool, McGuffey Primer and Kindergarten, but there are three years’ worth of books, whereas the online courses are meant to cover two years. The reading covers the same but is drawn out with more practice. The final book in this series basically covers what is in Math 1.

If you have questions about GC, how it’s different from EP or how to use it along with EP, please ask in our GC community group instead of the EP support group.


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First Step is for ages 3 and 4 and covers learning the alphabet letters and sounds as well as shapes and colors. There are 180 pages of activities.(This is similar to EP Preschool. It does not have the crafts that are in the EP workbook.)

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Big Step is for ages 4 and 5 and has the McGuffey Primer words and lessons, which have been slightly modernized as well as expanded to include more practice and comprehension questions. For math children will count objects and identify numbers to twenty. Students will also use counting and a number line to add and subtract small numbers. To develop pre-handwriting skills children will trace, draw, connect, and complete a variety of daily activities. There are 180 days of both reading and math/writing activities. (This is similar to the McGuffey Primer page but the lessons are drawn out with more practice. This covers more days than the online course, a whole school year’s worth. This introduces addition and subtraction with objects.)



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Giant Leap is for ages 5 and 6 and covers reading, writing, and basic math. For reading they will complete a phonics course and be reading the McGuffey First Reader. For handwriting they will write all of the letters of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase as well as the digits. That is followed by writing words and then sentences. In math they will learn to recognize and count numbers to one hundred. Math covers addition and subtraction as well as basic money, time, and other basic number concepts. (This is similar to EP Kindergarten, but it covers most topics in Math 1 as well. Your student could use Math 2 after this course.)