Finished with Preschool? Time for Kinder!

Moving from the Preschool course to Kinder can be done in three easy clicks on My EP Assignments.

  1. From the Settings page, click Set Level and Theme.
  2. Click here for Preschool and Kindergarten.
  3. Click Knows Letter Sounds.

That’s it! Your Settings page will now be loaded with the three Kindergarten course boxes, all ready to go.

“I have all of my courses loaded, what books do I need?”

You don’t need to purchase any books. Anything needed will be available to either print from home for free or linked to in the online courses. However, if you would like to purchase the printables already printed and bound, those can be found in the EP store. The Yellow Kinder Writing and Blue Kinder Math Printables.

If you would like to have an offline version of the READING lessons, the Learn To Read with EP book has the reading lessons. It’s completely optional and not needed for the online course.

“My child is having trouble with sight words, what can I do?”
If your child would do better starting with Phonics before going back to sight-reading, you can easily switch to the Phonics-Learn to Read course. On the Settings page, click Next Course under the Sight Reading-Learn to Read course box title.

“Can I add both Sight Reading and Phonics?”
Yes! Go through the 3 steps at the top of this guide. Then scroll down and click Extras Page.

On your Extras Page, click Reading-Extra. (It may be in a different position on your page.)