EP Activities


  • They will have quizzes from here linked into the course. Those quizzes do give a link to the course page which shows their grade for the quizzes. There is a note on that page that this is an experiment and their quiz grades are saved on their browser.

Brain Blast

Just for Fun






  • Any level
    • Arithmetic – Choose add, subtract, multiply, divide as well as level. Also a choice to use decimals and remainders and estimation (rounding to 10) and money.
    • Bar Graph Maker – You can change the labels and amounts.
    • Awesome Accumulator – Counts by any number from any starting number. Good for levels 1 – 3.
    • Time – Digital, analog, words, elapsed time, to the minute up through to the hour
    • Comparison – single digit, decimals, fractions, money
    • Asteroid Adventure – Facts (EP Link)
    • Coin Craze – Facts (EP Link)
    • Marine Math – Facts
    • Martian Math – Facts (EP Link)
    • Space Slime – Facts (EP Link)
    • War – the card game, comparing numbers, addition, multiplication, subtracting (only for those who know negative numbers), and all can be done with or without integers
    • There are more EP games on the Math Facts page.
  • Getting Ready 1
    • Colors – balloons, identify
    • Colors – sort red, yellow, green, blue
    • Counting – to 10, have to move forward to get there, choose numbers
    • Puzzles – simple, where you see what goes there
    • Shapes – match shapes to black outline
    • Shapes – level 6 is sorting 4 shapes, other levels is matching shapes to outline
    • Matching – up to 12 items





Old Review Games Page to be replaced with our own activities