Setting Up Classes

In your My EP Assignments account, on the Parent’s/Settings page, start by clicking Set Level and Theme. If you are unsure about your student’s level, check the Placement Guides next to “Set Level and Theme.” If you need help choosing a theme, use this link.

Level Theme

Then make any adjustments to the courses by using the Previous and Next buttons or the X in the corner to remove it from the student page.

If you aren’t starting at Day 1, enter the number of the first lesson you want to appear on the student page.

Unused Courses appear at the bottom of the list. Electives are down there. The include mostly high school courses, but I added “Practice” and “Chores” onto the list in case you wanted to add that to your child’s daily checklist. If you need more electives, click on the link to the Extras page at the bottom of the courses. That will give you more choices for electives or for doubling up on courses (not neeeded, just for those who want that).

Not all courses listed will show up on the Student page. Once-a-week courses show up once a week. If there is no Spanish, for instance, for that level, it will not show on the Student page.