Choosing Courses

On My EP there is a feature on the Settings page to click “Set Level and Theme.” You can just choose your child’s grade level. It will automatically assign a full typical workload and you’ll be able to tweak from there to adjust levels and subjects.

Elementary and Middle School

For this level, it will also ask you to choose a theme. You can choose any history theme. It’s really just a preference. Choose the same one for ALL your children. If you stick with our curriculum, you’ll want to keep moving forward from where you started, rotating through them. Try the placement test to help see where your child fits into our curriculum for math, reading, and language arts.

The placement test is linked on our placement guide page.

Ancient history and biology

Early American history and animals  (lots of lapbooks)

Geography and cultures and earth science

Modern history and chemistry/physics  (lots of experiments)

Music and art relate in some ways to the time periods studied and appear once a week in the curriculum. PE/health, computer and “thinking” are also once a week.

High School

This page lists all of the courses in their recommended order.


We have a growing number of electives. They include:

  • Apologetics
  • Art Appreciation (high school)
  • Biblical Hebrew 1 and 2
  • Consumer Math
  • Cornerstone (12th grade)
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Drawing Professionally (middle school, high school)
  • Foundations (9th grade)
  • HTML5 Coding
  • Music Appreciation (high school)
  • Social Skills
  • Spelling