You Shall Not Be Afraid

  1. This is a psalm that I would recommend memorizing. Psalm 23 is one you should probably know as well, and it’s shorter, so if you don’t know it, start with that one.
  2. They are both, do-not-fear psalms.
  3. David says in Psalm 91, “My God, in Him I will trust.”
  4. How can David trust that the arrow or pestilence aren’t going to get him? How does he know he can trust God as his refuge and fortress?
  5. David can trust because he abides in the secret place. He dwells in the shadow of the Almighty, the Most-High God. David takes refuge under God’s wings.
  6. Picture being sheltered in the shadow of God’s wings. What does that look like?
  7. It looks like you are huddled close to your Father God, tucked in for comfort and protection.
  8. If you were tucked under Almighty Father’s wing, could you be afraid? Is there anything that could make you fear? Would it matter how near anything seemed to get? Would you, could you possibly be in harm’s way when you abide that close to God?
  9. What could possibly be something that could cause you to fear if that was your reality?
  10. The only thing I can think of is the possibility of you or God leaving your position. That would be a fearsome idea if you are relying on God, truly, fully relying.
  11. But God gives us promises in His word such as, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”
  12. So, that leaves us. We can walk in the closeness of God’s presence, knowing His covering of comfort, warmth, protection, as long as we like. We just need to not walk away.
  13. We have promises about that too, though. It’s called God’s keeping. We have a good Shepherd that leads us, but also one that goes after the sheep that went astray. We have a God that makes sure we lack no good thing, and one that exercises control over the devil.
  14. We have no reason to fear. Tuck in. Sleep in peace.