You Are the Confidence

  1. I titled this lesson after a phrase in Psalm 65. “You are the confidence of all the ends of the earth.”
  2. God is our confidence.
  3. That reminds me of the earlier lesson, “This I Know.” There are things we can know that can give us confidence.
  4. We should live in abundant confidence in our God. He is unchanging. What we know about God will always be true. We can count on Him to be faithful and just and good and loving and powerful and in control.
  5. He is the great and awesome God. All men will fear Him if they don’t yet. We need to know His awesome works and declare His greatness!
  6. Fear of the Lord is the kind of fear we should have. David prays to be kept from the fear of the enemy. We don’t want to fear anything other than God. That would be giving it power over our lives. Our lives should only be submitted to God and submitted to Him fully.
  7. In Psalms 65 and 66 we have two different looks at God, yet they go beautifully together.
  8. God allows His servants to go through trials and testing and afflictions. God is using them for our good. Tribulation is a gift to His children. What is God doing through our troubles? He’s refining us. Jesus is coming for a spotless bride. We need the refining. We need the tribulation. It is for us. God is for us.
  9. Psalm 66 even mentions going through the fire and water.
  10. David says that on the other side of the fire and water was rich fulfillment. On the other side of the trial was being satisfied with all the goodness of God’s house. And even through the fire and water, we know from Isaiah 43:2, God is with us all the way. He never leaves us.
  11. We see God work awesome deeds when we walk with Him through the fiery trials.
  12. And when we submit to the work He’s doing in our lives. He strengthens our hearts as One He’s chosen to strongly support, to bring near, to abide together with.
  13. There’s one more piece to the one chosen to draw near. In Psalm 66, it says that God will not hear our prayers if we “regard iniquity in our hearts.” That just means that if we see there is sin in our heart, we don’t get to approach God. That is, unless we are coming to repent. God is near to one with a heart broken over sin. Confess your sin. Draw near.
  14. Walk with Him through all your troubles and let Him bring you into the fullness of His goodness on the other side.