Word Choice

Word choice is about choosing the perfect words. Here are some things to think about when choosing your words.

Use just the words you need. No need to use a lot of filler words. Just say what you mean. “I think…” instead of “I am of the opinion that perhaps…”

Use specific words.

  • Adjectives
    • decaying instead of old
    • honest and dependable instead of good
    • like blushing cheeks instead of red
  • Verbs
    • sprinted instead of ran
    • grumbled instead of said
    • flopped instead of sat
  • Nouns
    • poodle instead of dog
    • cottage instead of house
    • lemonade instead of drink

Use all the senses. Describe how things looked, felt, smelled, tasted, and sounded.

Use metaphors and similes.

Use sentences with action verbs.

  • “The yard was covered with snow” becomes “the snow covered the yard.” Or, “the snow covered the yard like a blanket.”


What would be a better word to replace each of these? bad, smelled, coat