Why Praise?

  1. Why should we praise the Lord? Why should we speak and sing of His steadfast love that is enduring?
  2. He is good!
  3. He has chosen us as His own possession!
  4. He is great, above all!
  5. He does as He pleases. He causes the clouds to move into place. He makes lightning. He brings out the winds as He chooses.
  6. He performs signs and wonders.
  7. He strikes down nations.
  8. He has compassion on His servants.
  9. He’s a God who hears and sees and speaks.
  10. He is Lord of Lords.
  11. He has the understanding to make the heavens and the earth.
  12. He delivers His children.
  13. He can part any sea, move any mountain.
  14. He defeats our enemies.
  15. He leads His children through the wilderness.
  16. He gives an inheritance to His children.
  17. He remembers the lowly.
  18. He rescues His children from their enemies.
  19. He gives food to all.
  20. We always have reason to praise the Lord.
  21. And we can always, always thank God for His steadfast, unfailing, unending love. His mercy toward us is GREAT and ENDURING!