Whom are you after?

  1. Uzziah is yet another good king with not a great ending. Like Jehoshaphat, he’s still remembered as a good king. He did not turn to idols and the false gods. He stayed faithful to the Lord.
  2. Uzziah’s sin was his pride, brought on by God’s blessing him. Remember that when you are asking for blessings. God may want to withhold them for your safety!
  3. God blessed Uzziah and prospered him in all he did.
  4. Psalms 1 reads that the upright and godly are blessed in just this way, that they prosper in everything they do.
  5. Who are the godly? Verse five from 2 Chronicles 29 tells us what Uzziah did that God looked upon with favor.
  6. He set himself to seek God, and as long as he was doing that, seeking the Lord, God made him prosper.
  7. It also tells us how this godly attitude was started. He was taught the fear of the Lord.
  8. To be godly doesn’t mean perfection. To be godly means to seek after the Lord, to set your face upon Him, to be after His heart, to be towards Him and for Him. Your thoughts are on Him.
  9. What did seeking the Lord look like?
  10. We’re not told specifically in this verse, but we’re told of his many accomplishments from war, to building, to inventions.
  11. Those came from seeking the Lord for His help, His wisdom, His instruction.
  12. And what happens in the end?
  13. Uzziah goes into the house of the Lord to offer incense to God. He thought He could make an offering to God and didn’t treat Him as holy.
  14. This is why we need to not just begin with the fear of the Lord but keep the fear of the Lord, even as we grow closer and closer to Him.
  15. What happens? Uzziah is struck with leprosy. Was that a fair punishment after decades of faithfulness?
  16. Was it a punishment or a gift? What does the Scripture say?
  17. It says that being a leper, he was excluded from the house of the Lord. What did it do? It kept him from his sin, God’s gift to us so that we can be with Him.