Who Is Leading You?


We have two kings in this story. Neither is a good king, but only one is evil.

Rehoboam is unwise. He’s foolish. He’s not the antichrist king in this story, though. He doesn’t seek the Lord as to what to do. He turns to the methods of man. He asks for the wisdom of the world. He gets some good advice and some bad advice. He follows the bad advice.

That’s not the antichrist spirit. That’s not Holy Spirit, either. It’s flesh. Following flesh leads to death. He’s still not a good king.

They went from the most prosperous nation around to being in shambles in just a matter of days. That’s the Lord’s hand to raise up and tear down.

We need to acknowledge Him in all our ways and never think, “We got this.” We don’t have anything. We can do nothing apart from Him!

Let’s look at the other king, Jeroboam. He sets himself up as leader. He’s ready to pounce when Solomon dies. He’s the one who brings the complaint to Rehoboam. He has made himself the representative of the people. He calls the people away when Rehoboam answers unwisely.

Here we see more what’s in their hearts. Rehoboam wants to fight, but a prophet tells him that God doesn’t want him to, so he doesn’t. He obeys the word of the Lord. He’s been humbled.

Jeroboam knows the Lord gave him the kingdom. He’s the son of one of Solomon’s servants. Instead of gratitude like David showed for being plucked from the fields and taken to the palace, he plots against the Lord.

He’s thinking only of himself. He’s worried that the people of Israel will worship the Lord! Can’t have that! They might turn back to join Judah and he’ll be out of a job and his life will be in danger.

He sets up high places, makes new golden calves, and tells the people these are your gods who brought them out of Egypt. He denies that there is one God. He’s willing for the people to die to save himself.

Where’s the antichrist spirit here? Obviously, denying the one, true God, accepting alternative gods is a good sign of the antichrist spirit.

The antichrist spirit wants to replace God, so declaring this is your god, when it’s obviously not the God of Bible, is a sure sign of the antichrist spirit at work.