Which books do I need to buy?

Welcome to Easy Peasy! There are a lot of book options and we understand they can be confusing. Hopefully, this will help sort out the differences.

Important links:
EP Store: https://epallinone.com/store/
FAQs: https://allinonehomeschool.com/faq-contact/

I don’t want to buy anything

  • You do NOT have to buy anything to use the free, online curriculum. Easy Peasy is designed to be used without purchasing anything as long as you have a computer, printer, and internet connection. There are worksheets (and other things) to print for almost all of EP’s individual courses, but as long as you are okay with printing those at home, there is nothing you need to buy.
  • Some courses have free PDF Printable packets that include all the worksheets for the whole course. You will find those linked at the top of the individual course. You can also find them in the EP Store. Those are called Printables.
  • All the items that need to be printed are marked with an * (asterisk) in the daily assignments. If you want to print in advance (like a week or two at a time or the whole course at once), you can use your computer browser’s search function (Ctrl f) to search for * and see all the printable items.

I don’t want to print much

  • If you want to use the online curriculum but you’d like to print as little as possible, there are some Printables books that you can purchase that include all the worksheets (and other printed pages for a course). These are available for Math (levels Kinder – 4), Language Arts (levels Kinder – 7), and all the history and science courses (levels 1-8). You can find them in the EP Store.
  • Middle school math courses do not have Printables books since there aren’t worksheets to print for those courses. If you’d like worksheets for your student to use along with their daily online lessons, you can use the math Workbooks.
  • Not all courses have Printables books or PDF packets available. For courses that do not have Printables books or PDFs, there will still be worksheets (and other printed items) throughout the course that will be marked by an * (asterisk) that you will need to print. Alternately, for many assignments, your student can look at the worksheet on the computer screen and answer the questions or do the work in a notebook, rather than printing the worksheet.
  • 180-day Workbooks and Guides are NOT available for printing.

I want to work completely offline

  • Only Preschool, Reading (levels Kinder – 7), LA (levels Kinder – 7), and Math (levels 1 – 7) are available completely offline. All other subjects and levels are online only: history, science, art, music, PE/Health, Bible, foreign language, computer, thinking, kindergarten math, and 8th level and above (including high school). There is no way to do the whole Easy Peasy curriculum completely offline.
  • If you want to do math, reading, and LA offline, you will need the Workbook + Parents Guide for math and LA and the EP Reader for reading. You can find those in the EP Store. The EP Store also has samples of all the available books.
  • We are working on books for higher grade levels for Math and English.

What are the Reader Workbooks?

  • There are supplemental EP Reader Workbooks with extra vocabulary and spelling worksheets that you can use alongside both the online and offline courses. The Reader Workbook is optional and not needed for completing the course.
  • These do NOT have 180 days worth of worksheets, just a handful of worksheets that compliment the reading course. You can find samples in the EP Store.

I want to do preschool and kindergarten offline

  • EP’s Preschool is available as an offline course (as a Workbook). You can find links to those options at the top of the Preschool course and in our store.
  • Kindergarten has three parts: reading, writing, math. The reading and language arts can be done as offline courses. Find those books on the course pages or in the store.
  • Kinder Math is an online course only at this point.
  • If you really want only offline kinder math, check out Lee Giles’ offline curriculum, Genesis Curriculum. https://www.genesiscurriculum.com/gc-steps The GC Steps books (First Step, Big Step, Giant Leap) cover much the same content as EP preschool and kindergarten classes. You do NOT want to use BOTH Easy Peasy’s preschool and kindergarten courses AND the GC Steps books. Just pick one or the other.

I want to do 8th grade and high school offline

  • Algebra 1 and English 8 are coming out as offline courses in the spring of 2021. More should come annually after that.
  • Until then:
    • The only books available for 8th grade are the Printables books for the online science and history courses. If your 8th grader is doing pre-algebra, there is a Workbook + Parent’s Guide available for that course. There are no offline options for Algebra 1 or English 8 (the 8th level reading and LA course), but they are in the works.
    • There are no books available for high school. EP’s high school courses are online only. You can find them here. https://allinonehighschool.com/

Can I search Amazon for the books?

  • Please do not search Amazon trying to find the books you will need. There are a lot of previous editions still listed on Amazon and 3rd party sellers that are selling older editions or selling books for higher prices.
  • All of the links in the EP Store will take you to the most up-to-date edition of each EP book on Amazon.