When God Watched Over Me

  1. Job is giving his last discourse, though it will continue for more chapters. His friends are done their speeches.
  2. In this section, Job talks about being clothed in righteousness and all the righteous acts he did, like helping the needy and giving sought-after wise counsel.
  3. Job recognizes that even when he’s walked through dark times, God was his light.
  4. Except Job isn’t seeing that light now.
  5. When it gets dark, we need to recognize the light.
  6. God was there all along; Job just wasn’t seeing it.
  7. Job gets something very wrong in this chapter. He’s remembering his life and how good it was. He was respected because he was wise and such a good man to everyone who had need, generous and encouraging. He calls that the time when God watched over him.
  8. God hasn’t looked away.
  9. There are verses about God looking away from our sin, but we know Job was righteous, and so does he.
  10. Apart from our choice of remaining in sin driving God away, we have promises of a God who sees and knows us.
  11. The God of Israel never even sleeps. He watches over us day and night and keeps us, guards us.
  12. Is Job guarded now in his physical and emotional pain? Yes!
  13. God is in complete control. He has put boundaries on Satan. Satan can’t continue to harass Job. God allowed only what served His good purposes.
  14. God’s good plan isn’t our ease and comfort. His good plan is our righteousness and the righteousness of the many because He wants all to be saved.
  15. He is watching over His own. You are kept and guarded and never forsaken if you are in Christ. You can know you are in Christ if the Holy Spirit dwells in you. You can know the Holy Spirit dwells in you because your spirit cries, “Abba, Father.”
  16. Romans 8 says we weren’t given a spirit of bondage to fear but a spirit of adoption as sons. Does your spirit know you have a good father watching over you?