What We Seek For

  1. WAW We seek for His steadfast love. We seek for His salvation. We seek for His word to be on our lips. We seek to keep God’s law forever and ever. We seek to walk in a wide place. We seek to share God’s word. We seek after His commands. We seek to worship the Living Word. We seek to think on and repeat His truth.
  2. ZAYIN We seek for hope from God. We seek for comfort from God’s word. We seek for everyone to follow God’s laws. We seek for the blessing of keeping God’s word.
  3. HETH We seek for the Lord because He is our portion. We seek to be a promise-keeper. We seek to keep His ways and so think about what we’re doing and why and choose to walk according to the law of God. We seek to praise God. We seek for fellowship with those who fear God. We seek for the love of God to be seen and known in all the earth.
  4. TETH We seek to be taught by the Lord. We seek to believe His word. We seek to not go astray. We seek for His goodness to come to us and through us to others. We seek for discipline when it teaches us God’s word because we delight in God’s word. We seek for God’s law and righteous ways because we know it is much more valuable than any money or gold.
  5. YODH  We seek for understanding so that we can learn God’s word. We seek to hope in the Lord who has made us. We seek to see others rejoice because of the hope they see we have in God. We seek for comfort from our affliction which we find in knowing God’s righteousness and faithfulness in what He allows in our lives. We seek for the comfort of God’s devoted love for us. We seek for God’s mercy that we may live and not die. We seek to share God’s word and teach it to others. We seek for a heart that is blameless.