What We Long For

  1. KAPH We long after God’s salvation. We long for God’s promise. We long to not forget God’s word. We long to endure. We long for help. We long for life from God’s word. We long to have God’s word in our mouths.
  2. LAMEDH We long to see and understand how God has fixed His word in the heavens and to all generations. We long for the delight of God’s word because we know we would die without it. We long to belong to God.
  3. MEM We long to have God’s word be on our lips because we love it. We long to be made wise by God’s word. We long to have understanding by God’s word because it makes us wise to keep the law. We long to keep ourselves from every evil way so that we honor God and live as we have been taught of God. We long for the sweetness of God’s word. We long for our hearts to hate every evil and false way.
  4. NUN We long to walk by the light of God’s word. We long to keep our promise to follow God’s righteous rules. We long for life according to the word of God. We long for God to accept our praise and to be our teacher. We long to live with the joy of God’s word in our hearts. We long to have our hearts determined to live by God’s commands to the end of our days.
  5. SAMEKH  We long to see the double-minded turned to your law. We long to be hidden in Christ, the Living Word. We long to know my God as my shield and defender and protector. We long to be delivered from evil and the evil one that we may not sin against God. We long for God to keep me according to His good promise so we will know that we have life. We long for God to hold us safely in His hands. We long to live in the fear of the Lord that we wouldn’t have to fear His judgment.