What We Hope For

  1. RESH We hope for deliverance from our affliction. We hope for redemption. We hope for life according to God’s promises. We hope in God’s great mercy. We hope in the truth of God’s word which will be for everlasting.
  2. SIN and SHIN We hope for deliverance from those who persecute us. We hope in your word and stand in awe of it. We hope to always have our heart loving your law and hating what is false. We hope to praise you seven times a day. We hope in the great peace we have received because we love your word. We hope in God’s word, knowing nothing can make us stumble when we love God’s word. We hope for your salvation, O Lord.
  3. TAW We hope that God will hear our cries for understanding. We hope that our pleas will come before God that we might be delivered according to God’s good promises. We hope that we will never cease to pour out praises to our God and that we would sing of His good word. We hope in God’s ready help when we are in need because we have chosen Him. We hope in your salvation and delight in your law. We hope for life and praise and help from God. We hope that God will seek and save us when we go astray.
  4. That is the end of Psalm 119. The very last verse is about our “Seeking Savior.” It’s about the God who leaves the 99 and goes in search of the one missing from the flock. That’s who our God is. David is saying that he has gone astray and asks God to seek him, but we do have a seeking Savior. He draws all people to Himself and goes after His own who have gone off the path. We still set our hearts to following Him and His word, but it’s good to know we can never go too far. That’s when we need to love His discipline. It’s not fun being lost! It’s much better to be found leaning on His arm.