What We Ask For

  1. AYIN We ask to not be given over to oppressors. We ask for a promise of good things to come to us. We ask for God’s salvation and to see God’s promise come to pass. We ask for God to remember us according to His mercy. We ask to be taught. We ask to serve God. We ask to have understanding and knowledge. We ask for the Lord to act against those who break His law. We ask that we would think rightly about God’s word and about what is false.
  2. PE We ask for God to unfold His word to us to give us the light of understanding. We ask for our longing to be satisfied when we hunger and thirst for His righteousness. We ask that God would be gracious to us and turn Himself to us because we love His name. We ask that our steps be kept steady according to God’s perfect promises. We ask that no sin would get control over us. We ask to be redeemed out the trials and troubles caused by those around us. We ask that God would look to us and make His face shine upon us. We ask that everyone would have a heart to keep His law.
  3. TSADHE We ask to be zealous for Your word. We ask to be reminded of Your sure promises. We ask to always see ourselves as humble before You and Your word. We ask to remain righteous before You forever. We ask that we would always delight in Your ways.
  4. QOPH  We ask with our whole heart that God would hear and answer our prayers. We ask for Your salvation when we call to You. We ask with cries for help early in the morning. We ask that we would stay awake to meditate on Your unfailing promises. We ask for justice. We ask for life. We thank You, Lord, that You are near and Your word is true and will endure forever.