What More Can We Say?


David is told that his family will be established on the throne forever. David doesn’t thank God for considering him worthy of the honor. David knows it wasn’t his own worth that got him there, only the goodness of God.

David goes and sits before the Lord, placing himself low. He knows he has nothing to offer. He knows there is nothing he can truly say other than God, You are great! God, there is none like You!

David recognizes that even though all that God has done and will do for him is remarkable, it’s just a small thing to God. God did a remarkable thing in David’s life, but He’s also in charge of all time and space and everyone and everything in it.

How can God promise to establish David’s throne when He allows free will and must act justly and righteously?

God alone is wise. He alone can figure out how to arrange all the circumstances and people, while allowing them to make their own choices, in order to bring about His purposes.

He wouldn’t be God if He failed at His promises. He wouldn’t be trustworthy.

We can trust Him with our lives because He alone knows the best path. He alone knows how all things work together. He alone knows the future for us and everyone else. He alone knows not only the correct choice and the best choice, but that there isn’t possibly a better way to bring about the outcome.

No one can thwart God’s purposes. No one can turn back His outstretched arm when He has purposed to do something. He is wiser than any scheme of man or devil. No one can make a bad choice that keeps God’s purposes from being carried out. God has a way in and through and yet above it all.

There are no thoughts we can offer God to help Him make His plans and decisions. He doesn’t need our help in any circumstance nor our understanding of any situation.

We’re to know He is the great God and sit before Him humbly and acknowledge that we have nothing more we can say to Him. Offer thanksgiving and praise and then keep quiet.