Wait Ready


The people, along with their servants and animals, are gathered and counted and return to Israel to settle into their towns.

There are some that return with them and identify themselves as Israelites, but they can’t prove their genealogy. No one will be able to serve in the temple without proof they are legitimately allowed to be there. They expect to later be able to ask the Lord about these others if they can serve Him or not. But for as long as they aren’t sure, they aren’t going to be allowed.

That’s a hard principle, to wait until you are sure it is the Lord’s will. We can struggle with inaction and wonder if we are doing the right thing.

But Scripture tells us that anything not done from faith is sin. So, that uncertainty that this is from the Lord and what He wants, is a lack of faith, and we need to ask for clarity and direction and expect God to speak and lead if His desire is to move us.

He led His people by day and by night with a physical marker of where He was and where He was going. They just had to choose to follow along. Jesus said, “Follow Me,” and then walked on. They had to make the choice to follow.

So, yes, there is a choice you have to make to be willing to go when God goes. You need to surrender that His way is the way you want to go and be willing and ready to go when He picks up camp and sets out, but there also has to be a willingness to sit and wait and watch until He says it’s time to go.

These men thought they were to serve in the temple. The Lord says, not now. They have to wait. They still make the choice to return to Israel. They make the choice to be in position for if the time comes and the Lord sends them to work in His temple.

We all have roles. Some are clearly defined. There are gatekeepers and there are singers. They have job titles.

But there are tens of thousands going back without a title. They have a job to do and they need to do it at the Lord’s bidding, following His lead, and with a willing and ready heart.

They are encouragers, helpers, givers, cooks, cleaners, caregivers, load bearers, etc. There are many jobs in the body of Christ.

We need to keep our eyes on Jesus and listen for the call. He will appoint us to the task for today. There may be a different one tomorrow, but for today, we answer, “Yes, Lord,” and wait on Him for the call to action.