Viking Beliefs

The Vikings originally worshiped many gods. They told stories about their gods; these stories became known as Norse myths. Odin was the ruler of their gods. Thor, the most famous of their gods, ruled over storms. He had a magic hammer and people loved him. Loki was the trickster god.

When someone died, they were buried with some possessions to take to the afterlife. Chiefs were put on their ships with treasure and weapons. They might bury the whole ship, or the ship might be set on fire.

Vikings wanted to die in battle because they believed that then they would go to a special heaven-like place where they would feast. If they died in bed, the would go to the underworld. That seems like a good way to encourage your people to fight in your battles!

After arriving in England, the old Viking belief system died out because they mostly became Christians towards the end of the first millennium.

Can you answer these questions?

Who was the untrustworthy god?

When the Vikings first came to England, they worshiped
many gods
one god
no god

Who was buried on a ship?
Viking chief
all Vikings
those who died in battle

Why did Vikings want to die in battle?
feasting in the afterlife
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get to be buried on a ship
get to go to the underworld

Why did the Viking belief system die out?
They became Christians.
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They died out.
They became Muslims.