Tropical rainforests are forests in warm climates where it rains nearly every day.

The Tropical rain forest has three different layers caused by the dense vegetation (lots and lots of plants). These layers are the canopy, the under-story, and the ground layer. The under-story blocks sunlight from reaching the ground. Because of this, very little vegetation is able to grow on the ground, not much can grow there.

In order for the plants to survive, they have to be able to adapt or reach some sunlight. When seeds fall to the ground, they usually aren’t able to grow because of the lack of sunlight, but when seeds land on tree branches, they send a long root to the ground so that they can get the sunlight they need, along with the water and other nutrients. As the plant grows, branches and leaves grow, creating a canopy from the host tree, eventually killing it.

Tropical rainforests can be found in South America, Central America, and Africa.

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