1. Psalm 105 is a triumphant psalm about how God delivered His people and how He provided miraculously for His people.
  2. We’re told about Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph. God made a covenant and was faithful to see it through.
  3. He sent plagues in Egypt and sent them out with plunder from the Egyptians. He brought His people out with joy and gladness. He gave them miracle water and bread. He guided them each step of the way Himself, coming to them in a pillar of cloud and fire.
  4. We’re told the reason why He did all these things for them, so that they might observe His statutes and keep His laws.
  5. Why? Why was that important?
  6. It’s God’s love for us that we keep His commandments. Why? How is that love? God is a holy and just God. We cannot be with Him without keeping the commandments. Sin separates us from God. God wants His people with Him. He wants us to keep His commandments. Forgiveness wipes out past sins. His life in us gives us the power to walk in His commandments moving forward.
  7. Psalm 106 feels like the opposite. If Psalm 105 was God’s triumphant deliverance of His people, Psalm 106 is the people’s triumphant rebellion against God.
  8. It’s the other part of the story. It’s the story of Israel’s rebellion, idolatry, and lust.
  9. It’s a story of how they didn’t wait on the Lord’s counsel, how they were jealous of their leaders, how they forgot their Savior, how they complained.
  10. There’s an awful line in there, even more awful than all that awful.
  11. “And He gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul.” It’s a Biblical principle that God gives His people their requests. It’s not a good thing unless the thing you are desiring is God Himself!
  12. They got what they were lusting after, but what they really got was “leanness” of soul. I want to be satisfied with God as with the riches of foods!
  13. Lord, may you only give me what I desire when my desire is You!