Athaliah calls out, “Treason!” when they anoint the rightful heir king. She and her husband had killed off their family to get power. She didn’t see that as treason. She is calling what is evil good and what is good evil.

Don’t be surprised at people calling your good, evil. They know evil as good, so they can’t view your good otherwise.

Jesus was accused of operating in the power of demons. We are told we will be hated. Jesus says to not be surprised because they hated him first.

It can be hard to understand at first, until you experience it, because Christians are good and loving and kind. Christians should have the best reputations in town, how could people hate and oppose love, goodness, and kindness? But they do. It often comes from those who consider themselves the rightful “owners” of love, good, and kind.

Jesus faced persecution by the religious establishment. They were the keepers of what was good and Jesus wasn’t it by their standard. He broke their rules and therefore must be bad.

Persecutions for true followers of Christ often comes from others who call themselves Christians. They think they are the ones with the rightful claim to what is true and right and good. And it’s not you!

But, we also see in our current times, there are those who have laid hold to the title of loving, good, and kind, but are not following Christ.

What is loving and good and kind has been redefined and has left true followers of Christ, those devoted to His word, with the title of unloving, unkind, and downright evil.

They cry out treason when they see what is right in God’s eyes.

The priest set guards to protect what was right in God’s eyes. Guard your heart and mind by filling it with God’s word. Don’t listen to the outcry. Listen to the only One who could ever be called, “Good.”