To Show the Kindness of God


David wants to know if any of Saul’s family is alive to show the kindness of God to them for Jonathan’s sake.

We’ll find out later that there are more relatives of Saul, but this one is Jonathan’s own son.

David brings him into Jerusalem to take care of him. He gets to eat with David. He will be taken care of.

David also gives him all of Saul’s land. A servant of Saul’s is put in charge of the lands with all of his sons and servants.

What is the kindness of God?

At the end of Romans in the New King James, it calls God, “alone wise.” He alone is wise. Jesus said, “Only God is good.” He alone is good. He alone is all-powerful and all-knowing. He alone is holy. He alone is just. He alone is pure. He alone is kind.

How do I know He alone is kind? It’s a fruit of the Spirit, something the Holy Spirit produces in and through us.

We’re kind when we allow the Holy Spirit to live and work through us, when we surrender ourselves to be controlled by the Spirit.

David showing the kindness of God looked like forgiveness, not holding anything against Saul’s family when the rest of Israel saw them as David’s enemies.

David showing the kindness of God looked like compassion. In 2 Samuel 5, there was a saying going around about how no one lame would enter the palace. David not only allows a lame man to enter the palace, but to join him at his table.

David showing the kindness of God looked like generosity. David puts over 30 men in charge of the lands. Since Saul has been king, it seems like his lands would have been significant.

The only good we have to offer the world comes from God. We need to allow the Spirit to produce fruit in us. We just bear it, hold it out to offer those around us.