They Ministered with Song


One of the groups listed in 1 Chronicles 6 is the singers.

The men are listed who ministered with song before the Lord. That was their job, literally their livelihood, they spent their days and their years living before the Lord’s tabernacle, singing to the Lord.

We see among them the grandson of Samuel. It seems it would make him happy to know his grandson was a worshipper.

It lists the men that David put in charge of “the service of song.”

I wonder if David started this service of song. David only wrote half of the psalms in our Bible. There were other singer songwriters, but maybe he instituted the service of song.

What a great job to be a full-time worshiper. Actually, that’s what we’re all to be. Here are some of our commands.

Rejoice always. Give thanks always for all things. Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

What does that look like, speaking to one another in songs, always singing and making melody in our hearts?

Our lives should be a song to the Lord.

Over our lips should be pouring thanksgiving and rejoicing. In our hearts should be a continual song. Our hearts can be glad and rejoice while we go about our day, bringing a smile to our faces because of the inner treat of joy and peace at offering a sacrifice of praise to the Lord and having our offering accepted in His sight.

I remember being a teenager and being put off by the people who would say, “Praise the Lord” all the time. They just knew a lesson I didn’t.

There is a place of rest in knowing that everything is praise and thanksgiving worthy.

I like that it also says they ministered before the ark when it came to rest in the house of the Lord.

The Lord’s presence was at rest in His house, resting before their worship and singing.

We’re God’s house now. I don’t want to trouble or anger God. I want Him to be at rest in this house, taking in the sweet-smelling aroma of my worship.

Let us sing and make melody to our King!