Their Joy Was Heard


“God had made them rejoice with great joy; the women and children also rejoiced. And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.”

The wall of Jerusalem is finished. That has reestablished Jerusalem as a city. It gives it definition. The temple has been reconstructed for God to put His presence there among His people.

The people have gathered, confessed, celebrated God’s covenant, and now, they celebrate the wall’s completion.

What was there to celebrate? God had brought them out of captivity. God had provided for them. They didn’t have jobs and fields full of grown crops ready to harvest when they arrived. God had to provide for them. God had protected them. They had threats on many sides. They remained unharmed. And, the job was completed. God allowed them to finish the work they started.

Singers are appointed to sing. Two great choirs go up on the walls to sing. Remember, these aren’t normal walls. They are very thick. Remember how Rahab’s house was in the wall of Jericho? There’s a walkway around the top and places where watchmen could be to keep lookout.

The portion I quoted said that God had made them rejoice. He’s not there with a whip forcing them to rejoice.

They were rejoicing because of all God had done for them. “He has made me glad,” the psalmist says.

Can you remember times when you just looked around and saw how good your life is and rejoiced at what God has done for you? Does laughter ever well up in you because you think of God’s goodness toward you?

They are so joyful that their joy is heard far away.

Do you let people hear your rejoicing? Do people know that it is God that gives you your smile each day? Do people know that your heart is glad because God has made you to rejoice?