The Visit from the Queen


We’ve read this story before, how the queen of Sheba visits with great gifts and has her breath taken away by all the riches of Solomon. Leaders come to hear his wisdom and all bring lavish gifts.

Solomon is receiving gifts from all over.

He has imports come in of metals and animals. Apes and peacocks are introduced into the land. The queen of Sheba brings in spices that were not known to Israel before. Solomon is introducing a mixture. They are embracing the things of other nations.

Solomon will be the king who introduces the idea of a queen mother, giving Bathsheba a throne. It was not from God. It was something the surrounding nations did.

Solomon’s eyes grow large. He’s desiring for more and more and new and newer. He’s never satisfied by any of it and continues to just multiply more and more for himself, which wasn’t the answer to his incompleteness.

In today’s day and age we make it a point to celebrate other cultures. Our family certainly sees good in other cultures, but not everything in other cultures is something to celebrate.

Culture is mixed up with religion and apart from true Christianity, it’s all false religion and not something to celebrate nor embrace.

Participating in foreign rituals because they are the local custom or to honor their ways is foolish. If they aren’t honorable, they don’t deserve honor.

The Christian missionary Winfrid cut down a sacred Thor tree. He didn’t honor their ways and customs. It gets him killed in time, but it also introduces Christianity to the Germanic peoples.

Be careful in celebrating and embracing other cultures. There are certainly great things about other cultures that we can embrace, like hospitality, since it’s a Biblical principle, but many others are tied to false beliefs and false gods and should be shunned.