The Troubler of Israel


In 1 Kings we’re introduced to Obadiah, the right-hand man to King Ahab, in that he was over his household, like Joseph was over Potiphar’s household. He feared the Lord, even though he was in Israel and served the king of Israel who served Baal.

He had saved alive a hundred of the Lord’s prophets, kept them from the evil Jezebel. It was a bold move, but he’s not being courageous now. He fears for his own life, fearing Ahab’s anger.

He does trust Elijah’s word, though, that he won’t be harmed. Again, we see that he believed because he acted on it. He goes and tells Ahab where Elijah is.

Ahab, the king, brings himself to Elijah instead of demanding Elijah come to him. Deep down, he knows who has the power.

He calls Elijah the troubler of Israel. He’s equating the power to stop the rain with Elijah, not the Lord God Almighty King of the Universe!

This is another reminder that people who won’t believe, won’t believe no matter how hard God tries to show them Himself. They are stubborn in their hearts.

Ahab knows his false gods have been able to do nothing to end the drought. Yet, he still worships Baal!

Elijah points out to Ahab that he’s the trouble. It’s his sin that has caused the drought.

Ahab is accusing Elijah when Elijah and His God are the only ones who can help.

When we question God and complain about our circumstances instead of humbling ourselves before Him, we’re pushing away our help and salvation!

When there is trouble, we should run to God, not away!

Another interesting note in this chapter is that Elijah had said that it wouldn’t rain until his word. Now, here, God says to meet Ahab and He’ll send rain. Soon, we’ll see that God does wait for Elijah’s prayer before sending the rain.

Elijah is now partnering with God in a fuller way. We see that this time God is prompting the timing instead of Elijah just deciding and speaking out.