The Strength of a Bone

MATERIALS: Three sheets of paper, tape if you have it, paper plate or piece of cardboard, wooden blocks (or think of what you can use to add weight on the plate)

  1. Roll up three sheets of paper, about 1 inch wide. Use the wide edge to roll. You are making thin cylinders. You want them to be able to stand up, so it want to make it even. You could tape each cylinder closed or release them to stay curled but fatter.
  2. Stand them up.
  3. Lay a paper plate on top of them.
  4. Slowly and gently add weight, by putting on one block at a time.
  5. Record the number it holds, or if you run out of what you can put on, record what you used.
  6. Now roll up three pieces as tightly as you can with no hollow space. Tape them closed. Stand them up. Put on the plate. Start putting on weights.
  7. Observe that the hollow “bones” held more weight. Our larger bones are hollow. It enables them to hold more weight but they are also lighter than if they were solid.
  8. It’s great design!

Adapted from source which is no longer available