The Reward of the Righteous

  1. God’s child is in trouble and calls out for help. God is angry that his child is being hurt. He shakes heaven and earth to come to the rescue. And he rescues his child because He delights in him.
  2. David says he’s rewarded because of his righteousness in God’s sight. How are we righteous in God’s sight? Because we are clothed with Christ, if we are in Christ and have received His Spirit in us. We become the righteousness of God and receive Christ’s righteous reward.
  3. What reward does the righteous receive?
  4. In this psalm we read about God being David’s support, bringing him to a broad place and keeping his feet from slipping. God shows him mercy. God is his light in the darkness. David can perform all the extraordinary acts moments require of him because God has rewarded him.
  5. God is a shield to David and has made him blameless. God equips David with strength. God makes David to walk securely in the heights, above all the fray. David is made great by the Lord’s gentleness.
  6. David receives victory over his enemies and God shows David steadfast love.
  7. That’s how we walk in peace and joy—rest. All those things we’re supposed to have all the time. It’s just by knowing His love, just by knowing who He is, just by knowing Him. It’s all a gift from Him. Just ask Him to show Himself. Teach me who You are. He’ll use prayer. He’ll use scripture; that’s His word to us. Read it, but ask Him to teach you from it. Ask Him to show Himself from the Word. He’ll use fasting. He’ll use trials and tribulations. It’s all His good work working in you to know Him and His love for you so you can be saved. God loves us, so He rescued us. He rescues us because He delights in us.