The Prospering Wicked

  1. Job replies to his friends. They have been talking about how God repays the wicked.
  2. Job is going to contradict them, tell them they are not telling the truth.
  3. He talks about how the wicked prosper. How they can live a long and prosperous life and leave descendants.
  4. Is that true? Of course, yes, it is.
  5. The kings of nations were rich. They left the throne to their sons. None of that meant they were honoring God. We see in the prophets how God allowed kings to conquer Israel and grow very rich and powerful and also that He intended to repay them in the future for what they did to Israel. There is justice, but it’s not seen. Generations can pass before it plays out. God is doing a lot at once, not only concerned with our present concerns.
  6. But what about the individual that lives, prospers, dies in old age, and has descendants to carry on his name. Where is the justice there?
  7. Listen to these verses. They [the wicked] to God, ‘Depart from us! We do not desire the knowledge of your ways. Their houses are safe from fear, no rod of God is upon them.
  8. Do you hear it? Why do they not suffer? They wanted nothing to do with God. He gave them what they wanted. He didn’t discipline them. I hope you see the trouble with that! God disciplines His children, those He loves. He disciplines them because He wants them to live in the righteousness He’s bought for them so that they can be with Him now and for eternity.
  9. The wicked are asking for their damnation in hell. God gives them what they want. They had their pleasure on earth. They would never experience it again for eternity.
  10. There is justice. God’s ways are not ours. They are much better. If we’re upset that the wicked are wealthy and not rejoicing that we have God’s presence with us, our hearts are in a very wrong place. See the wealth of the wicked and have pity on them. They have been abandoned by God at their own request.