The Pride of Success

  1. God would love to bless us. It makes Him happy to bless His children. He was happy to bless Abraham. He wants us prospering and successful, which does not equate to wealthy.
  2. It’s just that we’re not the best with dealing with success and blessing. We have a tendency to get lazy in our relationship with God when things are good. We tend to think we’ve done something right to have achieved whatever success we’ve gotten.
  3. We tend to forget God. We tend to start looking at ourselves and our lives and take our eyes off the Giver of everything in our lives.
  4. This is what happened to Azariah. He became proud. He fell. We get the full story in Chronicles, which we’ll get to, but here’s one verse.
  5. But after [he] became powerful, his pride led to his downfall. He was unfaithful to the Lord his God (2 Chronicles 26:16a NIV).
  6. Pride leads to the fall. It’s a warning we all know.
  7. We also learn from Chronicles that Azariah followed after the Lord because he had learned the fear of the Lord.
  8. I guess that’s what happens. We start to lose our fear of the Lord. We forget the awe in awesome.
  9. He is our loving Father and He wants us to love Him. That is our relationship with Him, but we have to hold onto the awe.
  10. We need to daily remind ourselves of His bigness and our smallness, of His capability and our incapability, of His goodness and our lack of any good thing at all.
  11. God is near the humble and far from the proud. We need to guard our relationship with God. If something is taking you away from that posture before God, step away. It’s not worth it.
  12. Stand in awe of the one who spoke the world into being, who set the boundaries of the seas and heavens, and can measure the sand in His hands.