The Love of a Friend


Jonathan’s soul is knit together with David. He is ready to make David king and serve as his right-hand man.

There is a proverb in the Bible that says a friend can be closer than a brother. Jesus is a friend like that to us. He’s more faithful than family, closer than blood, and more willing to give fully of Himself for our sake.

There’s no friend like Him.

Jonathan gives to David his robe, his armor, his sword. They are the items of his identity, his position, and power.

We need to come to Christ and give up our identity as well. We need to be knit together with Him and never again be our own man, so to speak.

We need to become one. We give up our rights to our identity, position, power, the things we make claim to.

You give up your right to brag about how good you are at this or that or what you have achieved. You give up your claim on the future you had hoped and prepared for. You knit your life together with Jesus and take on His life as your own.

You acknowledge the rightful king in your life. You let Jesus rule over your life and define your destiny. You let Jesus create a new identity for you. It may look like a stripping away of the things you once believed were important.

But you need to choose to let only one thing matter, the love of Christ.

Let your claim to fame be “friend of God” and nothing more.

Can you call yourself a friend of God?

Does God call you His friend?