The Lord’s Touch


This is an awesome chapter of the Bible. We don’t get any of our doctrine from it, but we see the hand of God.

In the Psalms, we read how God laughs at our enemies because He sees their day is coming (Ps. 37:13). We read how God brings the plans of the nations to nothing. That all the evil plotting against God’s people will come to no effect (Ps. 33:10).

In our story of Esther, Haman has a plot to kill Mordecai. He can plot all he wants. God won’t let it happen.

Whole armies come against Israel, but sometimes they don’t even get to touch them. It’s just a show from the enemy. The reality is that they are no danger at all.

Haman wasn’t a threat to Mordecai; Mordecai was a threat to Haman.

It seems opposite, but God’s kingdom is upside-down from the rest of the world.

We’re not to see others as threats. No harm can come to us. God is protecting us. If something does happen, we can know God’s allowed it through His defenses because it’s necessary for our salvation or for the salvation of others. He’s only working out His good purposes according to His perfect will of love and goodness towards His children.

Persecution and martyrdom do happen for the saints of God. But God’s people can’t be stamped out. God protects the remnant, and every persecution ends up spreading the gospel farther.

Christians aren’t to see those persecuting them as the enemy. There is only one enemy. Satan is behind the hatred, the sin, the trouble for the Christian.

We’re to pray for those persecuting us. God’s desire is that they be saved. There are beautiful testimonies of persecutors coming to Christ because of the prayers of those they were attacking.

Don’t you think there were Christians praying for Paul?

Let’s not worry about those threatening us. They are just a plot twist in the perfect story God’s writing in your life.