The Lifter of My Head

  1. God is the lifter of my head. When do we need our head lifted?
  2. We need our head lifted when we are bowed down. Now, we’re supposed to worship God, which literally means to bow down. So, why would He be lifting our heads?
  3. Our head can be bowed down because we’re discouraged. Our head can be bowed down because we’ve sinned and we’re being contrite. We can be bowed down because we recognize we’re nothing next to God.
  4. God is our comforter and encourager. He will lift your head. He calls to you to look to Him. We’re not to look at the problems. We’re took at Him. He’s got the answers. He’s got the help you need. He’s got the arms of love to wrap around you. Lift your head and look to Him.
  5. If we’ve sinned and come bowed in contrition, then He will lift our heads because He has forgiven. When we are forgiven, we aren’t to remain groveling. We’re to lift our heads. We’re to look to Him and thank and praise. We don’t look at the problem anymore. It’s forgiven, removed from His sight. It’s gone. Look to Him.
  6. If we’re bowed before Him declaring our unworthiness, He will again lift your head. Yes, we’re to worship the Lord, but there’s a difference. We’re to worship looking at Him, not at ourselves. Focusing on your unworthiness is looking at yourself. He will lift your head.
  7. He wants us to take our seat in the heavenly places with Him. He wants us wearing our robe of righteousness and our crown of loving compassion. He wants us to know we have all the spiritual blessings of the heavenly places.
  8. He will lift your head so that you will look at Him. We’re to see who He is. We’re to see who He has chosen us to be. We’re to see His goodness and mercy and grace and power and majesty.
  9. We’re to see no fear, no lack, no shame. We’re to see His glory.
  10. We’re to know his joy and peace, things every believer should experience.
  11. We should lie down in peace and sleep. We should know and trust His safekeeping, His sustaining, His shield about us.