The Giant Goliath


When you try to search online for how tall Goliath was, it comes up anywhere from six feet nine inches to a full eleven feet tall.

Saul certainly was well over six feet tall himself since he was a full head taller from his shoulders up compared to everyone else. Six feet something wouldn’t have been that incredible and frightening.

It’s the other descriptors that make Goliath really sound scary. He wasn’t just tall, and he wasn’t frail like some very tall people in the modern world. He was big and strong.

He’s covered in armor. His chainmail seems to weigh over a hundred pounds. His spear is thick and heavy. No one was going to rush him and snap that in half.

God’s word is, of course, true, and the people are looking at the outward appearance. God, however, knew Goliath’s heart and knew his destruction was certain.

What are you certain of? Are you certain of what you see or of what you know is true?

Faith is the assurance of things not seen.

Do you have faith? In what?

Are you sure? How do you know you have faith?

Faith without works is dead, that’s what James tell us. So, you can know you have faith by your works.

What are you doing and what does it show about what you really believe?

Do you believe God’s word that you are no longer a slave to sin but a slave to righteousness?

Do your righteous acts proclaim that truth, or are you holding onto sins and addictions while claiming you are free and have overcome in Christ?

Where does your money go? Does it show that you are trusting God as your provider and protector or are you working hard to protect yourself against a time when God might not come through?

Ask God to give you His vision to look at your life. Look at what you are doing; it reveals what you really believe. Listen to what you are saying; it reveals what’s in your heart.

Is it faith?