The Death of an Anointed King


First Chronicles 10 is all about the death of Saul. I find it striking that Saul was an anointed king of Israel. He was chosen by God and anointed for God’s purposes. God’s Spirit was on him to carry out those purposes. Saul’s choices, made out of fear, caused him to lose it all. He made choices out of fear because of his broken faith. We need to keep our faith from getting broken. What breaks faith?

Saul was afraid. He had a fear of man that caused him to not obey God’s command. He didn’t destroy everything, and he offered a sacrifice on his own.

The other sin listed in this chapter also began with fear. Saul had a fear of the enemy army. It made him tremble. He tried going to God but God didn’t answer, so he took matters into his own hands to get himself an answer as to what to do.

He turns to God in another way. He asks a medium to conjure up Samuel, so he can inquire of God’s prophet.

Samuel was the only one he knew who could inquire of God. That’s sad. Where are all the worshipers of God?

God’s not going to honor this sinful approach. Saul will die for his sin. Never try to hear from God through any means other than prayer, Bible study, and abiding in the Spirit of Christ.

So, are we breaking faith any time we are afraid? I want to call Saul’s fear, faith without love. God’s perfect love casts out fear.

We may feel afraid, but then we turn to God and say, “I’m afraid,” and we let His love wrap us up in safety so that we can then say, “I trust in your love and will not be afraid.”

And the fear will have then driven you to faith instead of to breaking it.