The Battle Belongs to the Lord


I love the story of 2 Chronicles 20. The people go into battle praising and the enemy army is completely vanquished without them raising a sword.

God never needed David’s sword to deliver him in battle. God didn’t need their chariots and mighty men. God didn’t strengthen them so they could fight for themselves and not rely on Him.

The battle was never theirs to fight. The battle belongs to the Lord. That’s why you don’t have to fight. That’s why you don’t have to defend yourself. That’s why you don’t need to set the record straight. That’s why you don’t need to know the ins and outs and what everyone is thinking and plotting. That’s why you don’t need to turn to others to help and rescue you. You have no battle. It’s the Lord’s battle.

They are commanded to stand firm and see God’s salvation. Moses was told he only needed to be still and quiet, that the Lord would fight for him. This is something the Lord does for His people.

Jehoshaphat’s army still goes out. They are commanded to go out. They had to face their enemies. They were not to hide. I don’t know what their bodies were feeling, but they made the choice to obey and go out to the battle.

At the front of the army are those appointed to praise. They sing, ‘Give thanks to the Lord, for His steadfast love endures forever.” It is a praise that speaks of the Lord’s enduring chesed, His enduring mercy and loving devotion toward His children.

However, “Give thanks to the Lord,” isn’t exactly a praise, is it?

It certainly acknowledges that the Lord should be praised and thanked, but it’s a command. It was reminding the army of who their God is and what their response should be. And how did they have the courage to go out to battle praising?

Before facing the battle, they faced the Lord. They gathered before the Lord in prayer and fasting and called on His name to save them. They acknowledged they were powerless and didn’t know what to do. They remind God of His word that He would save when His people cried to Him.

They knew who their God was, and He was mighty to save.