In 1 Chronicles 29, David says that he knows God tests the heart. Do you know God puts you through tests? In a way everything is a test. God’s eye is always on us, seeing what we’ll do, how we will respond. Will your choice make Him smile?

But there are times when it’s a more purposeful test. Something is put in our way to give us the opportunity to shine His light, pass with flying colors, and build our faith.

Peter tells us that trials test the genuineness of our faith. We can say we believe, but it’s not until the test comes that we know if we really believe or not.

1 Chronicles 29 isn’t talking about faith, per se, though it all relates to faith and what we believe. He’s talking about what’s in our hearts. God is looking to see if we are upright.

God is looking to see if there is any wavering in the heart, if anything is being held back. David knows his heart is upright because he is giving freely.

If something is holding you back from obeying or acting on God’s word, then there is a lack of freedom. Something is in your heart other than the pure love of God.

The test was in the giving. What did they give? What did they hold back?

Consider Ananias and Saphira who gave just part of their profit to the church after they sold some land. They conspired to say they were giving all the profit, but they were really holding some back for themselves. God didn’t want or need their money. They don’t drop dead because God wanted all their money. They drop dead because they are trying to lie to God. God could see their heart. They failed the test. It wasn’t about their money. It was about their hearts.

God doesn’t want your money. It’s His already anyway. He wants your heart. He wants to win your heart. He’s wooing you. He draws all men to Himself. He causes the sun to rise and the rain to fall. He sent His son to die for you.

He’s a jealous God. He’s not envious, wanting what belongs to someone else. He’s jealous. He knows we are His and hates seeing us with any other love, which He knows will only hurt us. He knows He’s best for us. He’s the only perfection there is in the world.

He’s looking for hearts that are His, to have and to hold. Give your heart to Him and He will keep it forever. He will never let you go. And when you know your heart is His, you’ll never want to let Him go. It will be a match made in heaven.

He’s testing your heart. He’s watching. He’s waiting for you to turn it completely over to Him. He will be there as your strong support. He will uphold you with His righteous right hand and His strong arm. And you will be His.

I’ll tell you the answer to the test. It’s “I’m all yours, Jesus!”