Talking to Yourself

  1. It gets worse in this chapter. Job accuses God of eroding away at the hope of man. Job is thinking life is pretty bad.
  2. I am not sure even who he is talking to in this chapter. I think he’s supposedly praying, talking to God, but it comes across more like talking to himself.
  3. Ever do that?
  4. I do, more thinking than praying, as if I have anything good to contribute to the situation. Talking to yourself, mulling it over, figuring out what to do, thinking things through, or worse, stewing, are all unhelpful at best and at worst are forms of playing God.
  5. Why would we try to figure something out when we have the author of life, who is wise and all-knowing, with us that we could ask Him?
  6. We’re not believing something about God if we’re not going to Him and connecting and really communicating.
  7. We throw off prayers without stopping to connect and communicate. We’re not expecting His answer, His help, or we’d eagerly go and get it if we thought it was readily available to us.
  8. Do you remember Satan’s accusation? Does Job fear God for nothing? Or, does Job only fear you because you have blessed him?
  9. Job is tottering on the edge now. He doesn’t curse God. He’s certainly complaining. He’s trying to direct God, “Oh, that You would hide me in the grave.” He’s not acting humbly. He needs to act humbly. God will address that later. He’s hurting himself with not acting humbly, but he isn’t charged with sin against God.