Sum up your life


We have another genealogy list. It’s so impressive they have these lists kept, memorized until written, knowing their lineage back to Adam.

We get a few more tidbits in here.

A couple of people are listed as dying childless. Their branch was broken off the family tree.

Er gets the eternal label of “evil in the sight of the Lord.” He gets that label even before there is a law of Moses to obey.

Then we have Achan, who gets the eternal label, troubler of Israel. His life is summed up with the description of what he did: “broke faith in the matter of the devoted thing.” His life is summed up by broken faith, though the act that demonstrated his broken faith came just before his life ended.

How could your life be summed up?

What’s your one-line descriptor, the one who…

Who do others see you as?

What are you leaving behind?

Are you leaving a legacy of things that will last eternally, or things that will fade and be destroyed?

Are you spreading life or are you in danger of being the end of your branch?

Can the Lord say of you, this one does what is right in My eyes.