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There is no enrollment. We keep no records. We are not a school. We are just a curriculum resource. The curriculum is open and available for anyone to use. The parent is responsible for creating, maintaining, and providing records. 

Follow these directions to set up an account. This is for all grade levels from preschool through 12th grade.

If you don’t want to set up an account yet, you can enter as a guest. Skip to the video for that.

    1. Go to this link at My EP Assignments.
    2. Click on the little rectangle picture with our logo. It will take you to PayPal. These donations pay my family’s income. Click cancel if you don’t want to donate. Either way, it will redirect you to register from that point.
    3. Enter your email address (an address you can check if you forget your password in order to reset it). Choose an easy password that your kids will be able to remember, like school or ep. We’re not saving any sensitive information other than some first names and course choices.
    4. Log in. This is where you will go each day. Right now it says Student 1. In the future, your kids’ names will be there and they will just click on their name to go straight to their lessons.
    5. Follow the directions that follow the video below. (If you prefer video instructions, here you go.)

      • Click on Parents-Settings.
      • Click Edit student name. Type your student’s name. Click Save.
      • Look at the placement guides and have your children do the placement test if you want help with placing them. (This is for preschool through EP’s level 7.)
      • Click on Set Level and Theme. Choose that child’s grade level.
        • If they are in preschool or kindergarten, click “click here for preschool and kindergarten at the top.”
        • If they are in levels 1-8, click their level and pick any history theme. If you have more than one student in level 1-8, use the same theme for each child. (Scroll down on this page for the list of themes.)
        • If they are in high school, pick their level (9-12).
      • Click add a student if you have more children, and do the same thing as many times as needed.
      • If you need to tweak any courses (say you want Reading 3 instead of Reading 4 or Algebra 1 instead of Geometry), click on Previous Course or Next Course under any course title. You can remove courses by clicking on X in any course block.
      • Check out this Info page for more helpful information, tips, and tricks.

More about LEVEL and THEME

There are two decisions you need to make to get started with this curriculum. First, choose your child’s LEVEL for math, reading, and language arts. The course descriptions are at the top of each individual course page to let you know what they will be learning. Use our placement guides to aid you in your decision. We’ve added a placement test to the page to help you place your child within our curriculum as well. It’s all just a recommendation. You get to make the final choice for your child.

Click Here >>> Placement Guides <<< Click Here

The second decision is just if you have students in level 1-8. If so, you will choose a THEME for this school year for their history and science. All of your children will use the same Theme. Next year, you will choose the next Theme. You can start with any of the following:

Ancient history and biology
Early American history and zoology (lots of lapbooks)
Geography and cultures and earth science
Modern history and chemistry/physics  (lots of experiments)

Music and art relate in some ways to the time periods studied and appear once a week in the curriculum. PE/health, computer and “thinking” are also once a week.