Spread It Out Before the Lord

  1. Take this lesson from Hezekiah. He gets a letter from the king of Assyria. It’s full of threats and defiance. He points out to Hezekiah how they have destroyed everyone, how no one’s gods were able to save them.
  2. He tells Hezekiah to not let God deceive him into thinking God will save him.
  3. God comes through for His name’s sake. We see this in other stories as well. The king of Assyria is not going to get away with speaking like that about God.
  4. God is greater than all other fake gods of metal and wood. God is the one, true God and He will show Himself strong.
  5. When other armies prevail against Israel, it’s because of Israel’s sin and God’s goodness in carrying out His word to His children.
  6. The king of Assyria had the idea that a god could deceive you. We know that the one, true God cannot lie.
  7. Their gods were demonic spirits that obeyed their master, the father of lies himself.
  8. Satan deceives.
  9. God tells the truth and leads us in the truth.
  10. The truth and the way are the same thing for the Christian. Jesus is the truth and the way.
  11. God’s promises are yes and amen. We don’t question if we’ve been deceived. Our circumstances aren’t the evidence of the truth of God’s word. They are reminders to turn to God and to wait on His promises!
  12. Hezekiah turns to His Lord when He was in distress. I love how it says he takes the letter and spreads it out before the Lord.
  13. The Lord knows what’s going on, but it’s a definite act of taking it to Him, presenting your need, your situation, and asking for help.
  14. He didn’t question if God was deceiving him. He asks God to show them who is the one, true God.
  15. Whatever problem is looming before you, stop and take it to the Lord, spread it out before Him. Ask Him to glorify Himself in and through you and the situation.