Specific Directions


David gets specific directions from the Lord. He’s to attack from opposite the balsam trees and wait until he hears the sound of marching in the tree tops. I can imagine myself waiting and questioning whether or not it was time to go and not resting in the knowledge that He not only gives the direction but also the ability to carry it out.

We think we want clear, precise directions like this.

Do we really? What if God is protecting us by not giving us clear, precise directions? Maybe He knows we can’t be trusted to obey. Are we trustworthy to obey what we already know?

The Scriptures are full of clear commands. Do you obey them? Are you sure you want God giving you more orders?

We’re too quick to dismiss nudges or clear direction, fudge the corners, justify why we don’t really need to or don’t need to fully, or whatever. We want confirmation of what we want to happen, not a new direction. We rationalize, justify, and are quick to question if it was really the Lord speaking. We don’t trust that we can hear Him, which is not trusting that the Lord is bigger than us and can figure out a way to communicate with us.

Here’s my advice to those who want to hear from the Lord. Obey what you’ve already been told to do. (There’s plenty in the Gospels to start with.) Cultivate a heart that seeks to obey whatever God shows you. Trust God that He can and will speak in a way that you will hear and understand. Acknowledge Him at all times. Know He’s with you and working in your circumstances.

Seek Him, not His direction. Love Him, not a word from Him. Want Him, not something from Him.

I thank God that I know His voice because His word is true. It says His sheep know His voice and follow it and flee from any other voice.

I also pray for myself, as the bride of Christ, that like the Proverb’s 31 woman, my Bridegroom’s heart would be able to safely trust in me. I want Him to know that what He gives me, I will obey and care for and carry out in His strength, to His glory, as He desires.