Songs of Ascent

  1. There are fifteen psalms labeled as a song of ascent. Ascend is to go up. These were songs they sang as they went up to the temple.
  2. If I were to pick a theme for Psalm 122, it would be peace. The tribes are appointed to go up to Jerusalem to give thanks. The thrones of judgment are there, but that is a place of thanksgiving! What gratitude we should have at the throne of judgment. It’s a place of peace for us. We’ve made peace with God because God reconciled us to Himself through the blood of Jesus Christ. Give thanks for your gift of salvation. He saved you from His wrath, from destruction, into life, into everlasting love.
  3. The throne of judgment is certainly a place of worship. He is the great God! Proclaim it! He’s the God of all power and might, but also the God of peace and love. He pursued peace with us and teaches us to pursue peace with God and each other.
  4. We’re given a blessing for loving Jerusalem. We’re asked to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
  5. The theme for Psalm 123 is mercy. Lord have mercy.
  6. The Lord’s mercy is how we find peace. Without mercy we face punishment. With mercy, we’re received into arms of love.
  7. The theme for Psalm 124 is we would be lost without the Lord’s help. If God were not for us, we’d be dead. We’d be consumed. Life would drown us out. But our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. What more could we possibly need?
  8. Psalm 125 gives us a reminder to trust in the Lord. He will keep us. He will give us peace. He will do us good. We can trust in the goodness of the Lord. He does good by His children.