Son of Zeruiah


Families get complicated in the Bible. I guess they can always get complicated. Joab is the commander of David’s army. We see in 1 Chronicles that Zeruiah, Joab’s mother, was David’s sister. Joab, Asahel, and Abishai were David’s nephews. Asahel was the one who could run as fast as a gazelle and was killed in battle by Abner, whom Joab takes his revenge on.

We’re often told who someone’s parents are. People are introduced as “son of” or “daughter of.” Of course, this was before the time of last names. My maiden name is Erickson; as in, some day long ago my relative was the son of Eric.

In part, this helps us follow the history of the story and confirm accounts. But it also shows the importance of the family link. Who do you represent by your family name and how well do you represent them?

You don’t live for yourself. When we come to Christ, we become part of a new family and take on the family name, so to speak.

We become ambassadors for Christ. We are showing the world what it means to belong to God’s family.

Are you showing them something they want to join? We don’t do that by changing our message to fit in with the world, but by shining the light of Christ.

Some will be drawn by the light; others will hide from it.

Your lives should show the glory of God as Christ’s did, by living a life of grace and truth as He did (John 1:14).

As Jesus was the visible image of God while He walked the earth, we are now the visible image of Christ on the earth, showing the world who our God is.

Are you a good representative of Christ? If someone got to know you or just got a glimpse, would they see Christ?