Solomon Sends to Tyre for Timber


Solomon sets the non-Israelites to work. Some are set as overseers.

I always find these large-scale organizations incredibly impressive. It’s hard enough with modern communication, and I have a hard time understanding how they accomplished such things.

Tyre has a man whose mother is of the tribe of Dan who is skilled in metal working, engraving, and fabrics. He sounds quite impressive.

The King of Tyre sends him on loan to Solomon. Solomon’s buildings are going to take decades to build.

I do wonder if he brought his family and settled in Jerusalem. I do believe the Lord blessed him for his work. The Lord blesses those who bless Israel; it’s a promise, and God keeps His promises.

About half of the foreigner workers are made to bear burdens. What an awful job title! They are carrying loads. These are the foreigners in the land. God’s children aren’t meant to bear burdens.

We are to cast our burdens onto Jesus. We’re to not be anxious about anything. We’re to have a light and easy load, by giving our burdens to Jesus and taking on His word as what we carry around with us.

Our burdens are anything that is weighing on us. We’re to cast them off. That doesn’t mean we have no responsibility. It means we’re free from the burden of it.

We give it to God, trusting Him to take care of it, and ask Him to guide our path in getting it done, while relying on Him and His wisdom and strength to accomplish it.

There were also those assigned to digging out the treasure. That sounds like a better job. Colossians 3 tells us that God has all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Seek them out in prayer and in the study of Scripture.

The final group were assigned to make the others work. Believers shouldn’t need an overseer to make them work. God, our Father, the one who assigned us to our task, is always watching. We should be working to please Him, not just working when someone else is looking.