Solomon Asks for Wisdom


The first verse of 2 Chronicles 1 says that Solomon established himself in his kingdom. But then Solomon asks God to fulfill His word to David about Solomon, that his throne would be established.

When we do the work we’ve been given by God to do or when we find ourselves in a position that God put us in, we need to remember that although we certainly worked, it was God’s doing.

He speaks and it is accomplished, even when we are the ones who have to labor through the details. It’s God’s work. We need to always acknowledge Him in all our ways and not think we’ve come into whatever it is on our own.

This chapter has the famous story which we’ve seen before of Solomon asking for wisdom and knowledge. He feels the weight of the position and knows he’s not up to it in and of himself.

God blesses Solomon with riches and honor because it was in his heart to ask for wisdom and knowledge, because his heart was burdened for the people of Israel and how he could effectively lead them.

God has given you some position. It may just be as a son or daughter, but you have a position. Have you sought God for wisdom and knowledge to fulfill your position well?

How does He want you to live each day? He gave you your life and put you just where you are for such a time as this. It was His choice, and He does all things well.

Don’t worry about the stuff you need. Jesus instructs us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness, His right choices, and all that you need will be given you.

Solomon was given more than enough to establish his rule and carry out what God had put him in place to accomplish.

Solomon did right in not seeking the stuff, but the mind of God.

Be renewed in your mind and learn from God His good and perfect ways, to walk in them with all that He provides to make it possible.