Skipping Mountains

  1. In Psalm 113 I love how it describes how God is so great that He has to humble Himself, has to bow down, to see the things in the heavens.
  2. The Lord’s works should make us fear the Lord. How awesome is the Lord! In Psalm 114 it points out how He turned the rock into a pool of water, made it a fountain.
  3. The thing that has me most curious in Psalm 114 is how the mountains skipped like rams and the hills like lambs. Psalm 29 also has a verse about skipping. I don’t know what that means.
  4. The psalm talks about the sea fleeing and the Jordan turning back in the verse before the skipping part. Those I understand because of the dividing of the Red Sea and the Jordan River stopping and holding back so God’s people could cross on dry land.
  5. The best idea I have for the meaning of the skipping is the mountains fleeing away, being removed, as they are talked about elsewhere in the Psalms and in the prophets. That maybe the skipping is like the sheep startling and running away. I don’t know.
  6. It’s okay not to know. The Lord answers a lot of my questions about Scripture, but not all of them. Or maybe He’s just waiting for another time. He’s a good teacher. Ask your questions. Don’t get frustrated if you have more questions than answers. That definitely happens to me sometimes. He’s a good teacher. Trust Him to be a good teacher.
  7. Psalm 115 is another short psalm with a few messages.
  8. The psalmist says our God is in heaven and does whatever He pleases, but the idols made by man can do nothing at all.
  9. Another lesson is the repeated phrase that the Lord “is their help and their shield.” He is our defense and our offense. He will protect us and will fight for us. Don’t try to save yourself. Let the Lord do His work, the work He wants to do for you! He wants to come to help. He wants to be your savior.
  10. The Lord will bless those who fear Him. And those who fear Him will give the glory to His name.